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Susie and Otto's Love and Relationships Article 

"The best present to give this holiday season"
By Susie and Otto Collins

This weekend we were just like most people in America, we were out doing some of our Christmas shopping.

As you know, the Christmas season is hectic with shopping, food preparation, parties, relatives and is a time usually filled with plenty of expectations. This year--why not change your approach to the chaos usually associated with this holiday season?

Instead of just "giving presents", why not make it your intention to "be fully present" with the people you'll spend time with this holiday season.

To be "fully present" means focusing your attention on the moment.
Stop all that chatter in your head. Stop thinking about what you're going to say next while the other person is talking or how irritating Uncle Charley is.

Instead, we encourage you to focus on listening to your friends and relatives. Find out something new that you did not know about them. Send them love as you are talking and listening. This is the best "present" you can give to anyone. When you are being "fully present" with another human being you are honoring them and as a result will make them feel important and loved.

Something we practice daily is especially important at this time of the year. It's gratitude.

We begin each day with a prayer of gratitude that sets the tone for our day. What we find is that by doing this, we are focusing on the good things in our lives instead of the bumps in the road. If you're not doing this, we suggest you start.

One of the things we are grateful for is you. We feel very blessed that you continue to receive our newsletter each week. Last year at this time
we had 149 people on our e-mail newsletter list. Over 3100 people will receive this issue. We thank you for being a part of our lives.

So, this year we encourage you to forget the argyle socks and cologne. Give the gift that keeps on giving--love!

Susie and Otto Collins are married, life partners who are Relationship and Life Success Coaches, and authors of several books on relationships, including "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" "No More Jealousy" "Creating Relationship Trust" "Communication Magic" and "Attracting Your Perfect Partner." In addition to having a great relationship, they regularly write, speak and conduct seminars on love, relationships and personal growth. To read more free articles like this or to sign up for their free online relationship tips newsletter visit or

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