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Love Making Tips and Passion Secrets

Amp Up Passion in Your Love Relationship or Marriage

By Susie and Otto Collins

When you think of passion in your love relationship or marriage, you
might have several of the following words pop into your mind...

  • Never happens

  • Not for a long, long time

  • I wish

  • My partner is not open

  • No time because of the kids

  • At our ages?!

  • For countless couples, the passion surges and peaks as you fall in
    love and then for awhile after getting married or settling into a
    committed relationship together.

    Then, unfortunately, the sense of excitement can fade. You might
    wistfully remember those happy butterflies in your stomach when you
    used to share passionate kisses, but nowadays, you're lucky to fit in
    lovemaking a couple of times a month (or less).

    Let's face it.

    We all get busy. Our families grow and our lives become more
    complicated as we get older. This is part of "growing up" and "being
    responsible" is what we tend to believe.

    In the midst of the busy-ness and life's demands, passionate
    connecting time with your mate can become less and less of a

    We believe-- and know from our relationship-- that it doesn't have
    to be this way!

    You can rekindle the passion in your relationship and continue to be
    the "mature" and "responsible" person that you want to be.

    It all starts when you decide that passion is important.

    In fact, when you create time for passionate connecting with your
    partner, you may find yourself becoming more successful and engaged
    in other areas of your life as well.

    That sense of being fully alive can easily carry over with positive

    Here are a few ideas to get started re-sparking passion in your

    *Let yourself get carried away.

    Too many times, we dampen our enthusiasm for a situation (or a
    person), in part because somewhere along the way we've been taught
    that to be reserved is the way to be. You may worry about coming off
    as silly.

    We say, throw those beliefs out the window!

    If you feel any excitement or eagerness at all in a moment you are
    sharing with your mate, let it build and even take you over.

    Whether you are making love, walking through the park holding hands
    or having a close conversation, make the most of the connection that
    is there.

    Laugh with abandon, dance, sing and have fun whenever and wherever

    These can all help you re-ignite passion and keep it hot.

    *Stay open
    Be sure to ask and then listen with openness and honesty to what
    your partner would like to do to make your relationship passionate
    and close.

    Just because you perceive your partner to not be romantic or
    passionate, don't assume that he or she will be closed to an idea
    that you have.

    You might agree to have at least one experimental date night each
    month. This means that the two of you will do something completely
    out of the ordinary for you.

    It may involve going roller skating together or dancing at a club
    instead of your usual dinner and movie. It might also mean that you
    agree to try new lovemaking positions.

    Make sure that you are both willing to try the experimenting you
    have in mind and then go for it! If you find it enjoyable and
    exciting, keep doing it.

    In order to amp up the passion in your love relationship or
    marriage, you might need to try something new, unexpected and perhaps
    even a little "out there." Sometimes the usual can be passionate and
    exciting too.

    Look at the places where you and your mate come together and create
    loving sparks and build on that. Have fun with this exploring and


    Susie and Otto Collins are Relationship Coaches and authors who help people create lives that are filled with more passion, love and connection. For more tips on turning up the heat in your love relationship, sign up for their free mini-course at


    Susie and Otto Collins
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