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Intimacy Clues that He May Be Cheating
By Susie and Otto Collins

Christy's husband Pete has been so distant and odd the past few months. She was beginning to wonder if he is having an affair.

They have drifted apart over the last 3 years-- mainly because both of their careers are very demanding. Christy had started to believe that Pete was cheating, but he's also become so much more adventurous in the bedroom.

Pete has never made love to Christy like this before. She doesn't know what to think about all of these changes. Even with the new life in their lovemaking, she still feels disconnected from Pete.

Her suspicions that he is having an affair are still very present in her mind.

Does the way that a man makes love to his partner give any indication about his fidelity or infidelity?

You might think that if a couple is still having sexual relations with one another, all has to be well in their relationship.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

Sometimes, a man will actually initiate sex more often with his partner when he's also having an affair!

In other cases, the man will withdraw his attentions-- sexual and otherwise-- from his mate when he is cheating.

It can really go either way.

And, of course, women also have affairs. The same possibility of them becoming more active with their partner sexually or less active sexually as they are having affairs also occurs.

If you suspect that your man is cheating, look for differences.
Perhaps you are delighted that your man is initiating lovemaking with you more than he was before.

This could mean that whatever pulled him away in the past-- whether it was another woman, thoughts about other women or something completely different-- is no longer an issue.

Your man's renewed interest in making love with you could certainly indicate that he has inwardly resolved whatever was previously coming between you two.

It could also mean that he's feeling guilty because he's having an affair. Turning to you for sex more often is his way of relieving some guilt...or trying to cover up the infidelity.

Pay close attention to all of your partner's behaviors-- in the bedroom and out.

If he tended to be more reserved when you are intimate with one another and now he is more daring and adventurous, make note of this.

If he tended to touch and caress you often and now he rarely does this, make note of it.

If he tended to be a gentle lover and now he is rougher and more distant, make note of it.

Just because your man is now more adventurous or less adventurous, gentler or less gentle when you make love, it does not necessarily mean that he is cheating.

And it does not necessarily mean that is NOT cheating either.

What you need to really look at is if he is treating you significantly differently or acting unusually and you aren't sure why.

Keep a private record of the differences you notice and base your determination of whether or not he's cheating on that full record.

If you truly suspect he's cheating, don't take chances with your health and well-being.
If you believe that your man is displaying clues that he may be having an affair, take a step back and really examine those clues.

Could there be other distractions or upsets going on within him or between the two of you that are contributing to the differences and distance you are noticing?

Do you have a history of being jealous? If so, make certain that you are truly seeing what you are seeing in this relationship right now.

After these closer looks at your suspicions, if you are still concerned that your man may be cheating, we advise you to make a careful decision about how intimate you are willing to be with him.

You don't have to abruptly leave this relationship (unless you are ready to), in order to keep yourself healthy and well.

You might decide to take a break from having sexual relations with your partner for a certain amount of time. You could explain this to him by saying that you're "trying to figure some things out within yourself," that you "need some space" or something honest yet vague.

If you do choose to continue having sex with your man and you are worried that he is cheating, please request that he begin to use a condom and employ other safe sex methods.

You might also suggest that you both have a medical professional test you for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

While it may feel awkward to make requests like these, we urge you to make your health and well-being a priority.

As you take these precautions, continue to look at the differences in his behavior-- in the bedroom and out. Follow up on the questions you have until you know for sure whether or not he's having an affair.
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