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      We are spiritual and life partners committed to helping people like you improve your lives, relationships and financial destinies.

For 25 years, Susie has been a student of energy and the life force.  Her search for physical, emotional and spiritual healing has led her to the study of Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity, Reiki, toning, Traditional Japanese Reiki, herbs,  flower essences, Shamanism, the Enneagram, tarot and much more.  Her formal training is in Polarity Therapy and cranio-sacral work and is a Registered Polarity Practitioner.   She currently practices and teaches Polarity Therapy, combined with other energy work modalities .  Susie is a veteran teacher and librarian, having taught almost 30 years in the public schools and university classes. She was a high school journalism teacher and taught pre-service teachers at the college level, working with them on layout, design and writing good copy.  She has spent almost 20 years as a university librarian, designing brochures, databases, spreadsheets and web sites

Son of a Country  Preacher, Otto has studied the tools and techniques of the best Sales, Advertising and Marketing minds of the past hundred years. He has spent nearly twenty years successfully creating and selling advertising. He has worked in print, radio as well as Television advertising. He’s made thousands of sales calls on businesses of all sizes in dozens of different industries.  He operates the web site at , and He’s studied and learned from the greatest salespeople and marketing minds of the last hundred years.  After spending many years pondering three of life’s greatest  questions; Who am I, Why am I here and What’s this all about?  Otto turned his life’s focus to bear on the practice and study of Spirituality.   He is a healer. He uses his intuition, natural gifts and training in several types of energy healing to help others heal. He has formally studied Reiki, Traditional Japanese Reiki, Etheric Surgery and Shaman healing techniques.

We are two people who have learned from some of the greatest teachers and from the pain of the past.  We have an intense desire to share the lessons we’ve learned on the path to wellness.  Just like you, we’ve struggled with our inner “demons.” Made mistakes in all areas of our lives but now we are learning to do it differently.  The desire to be loved the way we wanted to be loved took each of us on a journey of discovery of how to create the relationship of our dreams. We believe Spirit put us together for our own personal growth and to shine the light of hope for others.  


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